Starting Again

Well I don’t mind starting all over again. I am thankful that I have an opportunity to do it. I want to have a better knowledge in web design and blogging. This is how you learn, you fall , you go back up. That’s how i remember learning to ride a bike.

Not everyone has the privilege to reset their life, business or career. I have a friend who told me and even shared a video from some successful businessman that it is already too late to reinvent yourself. They may be right and air their opinion, but for me I think everyone can restart if they have the courage to move forward and not listen to their past failure instead squeeze the juice from their past failures and victories, use it in their transformation.

To start all over again, I think you must surround yourself with like minded people, spend less to no time with your old friends who are stuck in their old ways. Like what our parents use to teach us growing up is to “choose your friends wisely”. Be good and respectful to everyone but be careful who you spend your time with. Hang out with those who will inspire you and cheer you in your chosen game. Avoid those who will tell you that, “you are too old for that”, ” are reasons why you will fail”, ” the market is already saturated, you could have started earlier.” Though it is so tempting to hear those familiar voices. Love them or hate them. Unless you have that strong feelings about them, you’ll get stuck. As they say Bad company corrupts good character .

Next, never cease to research and study the ins and outs of the career or business you want to. The more you know the more confident you can become. Confidence is King. When you are confident you are relax and you can do great things. This is a new chance to be great, to be the best.

Don’t restart just for the heck of it. You don’t want to be mediocre or on of the many or just to be different with your friends or relatives. You start again to be Awesome. This change is not easy and quick, but constant work, baby steps, one brick at a time. The lesson here is, strive to be the best by studying and applying what you learn.

Lastly, be strong willed on your daily things to do. Sometimes freedom is a b#@!h. It is so easy to lay around, look at the ceiling, trying to get an inspiration(usual excuse), watch youtube or movie streaming, call a friend. It is so easy to get distracted from your transformation.

Be strong-willed. Plan fails. Strategy wins. What you can do to stay focus is by writing down your daily activity (related to your transformation) and allocating time budget on each task. Use your phone to set an alarm. Use your wall(physical wall), post your things to do. Focus on your daily steps not on the result because your goal here is creating a habit, a system that will make you the person you need to be, to be the best in your chosen business or career.

3 things to remember: 1. Have the Courage to leave your past behind. 2. Strive to be the best. 3. Be Strong-willed in getting things done, slowly but surely.