“Stay In your lane” is what most success speakers shout about this includes Seneca the Roman Stoic.  They say that in order for a person to be successful he must not jump from one career to another instead have a patience to see things through. 

This sound nice, easy, appealing and comforting to many.  I d like to consider  that principle  on why most men do not succeed however as  I observe my friends and people that I see day in and day out.  1 out of 20 is not successful in staying in their lane, in staying in their chosen career.

 I have a friend who is so good in basketball since we are in high school, he is paid just to play for a commercial team. In college he did not become a college varsity though he tried many try-outs.  While most of us work  in a company, he worked as a basketball player, a  coach for another team in small commercial leagues  and to a point as a league commissioner.   All this efforts and skills that he developed over the years, he is still in the small leagues . he is 50 years old now and have had enough of basketball.    He enjoyed small perks and basketball pay but not a professional basketball player pay.

This is just one example out of many that I know of personally that staying in your lane does not guarantee success in your chosen endeavour. More than Passion and Purpose I think a person must be bold enough to find the maximum reward for his or her  talent.  To be on the top 5% in your field.  

Bus drivers who worked for 25 years, Traffic enforcer for that same number of service and yet getting only so much on their pension. 

I think stay in line with a time period. To be successful, stay in that particular lane for 1 to 3 years, giving your best  shot, with passion and purpose, 100% if it gives you promotion good but if not move on.  Like what I always say, “ After your best shot, Evolve”.

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