I love watching good movies, however I am selective, I only watch movies that can entertain me, can get inspiration from, or learn life lessons from. This will be my first time to do a movie review and i’ll be sharing lesson learned, and catchy lines.

Joker is a must watch movie, it has a very interesting story about the humble-emotionally painful beginnings of this future super villain that will be a great thorn on Batman’s crusade in protecting Gotham. You can see the comparison of Heath Ledger’s version and Joaquin Phoenix ‘s, both beautifully creative , unique and really leaves a mark( no pun intended to Jared Leto’s rendition). Joaquin Phoenix who had a fair share of troubles, pain and hardship in his personal life went the extra mile to really portray and have his rendition of the Joker’s suppressed anger, hatred , feeling of disrespected and rejected. How his good character of taking care of his sick mother to a monster. Surprisingly this psycho thriller movie is co-written and directed by a successful comedy movie director of Hang over trilogy, Due date, Borat and many more, academy award winner Todd Philips.

Joker is a villain with no super powers but can make huge damage. While Bruce Wayne was raised by a decent and rich parents Arthur grew up in the wrong side of Gotham, raised by a delusional mother, lied to convincingly because he found out himself that he is the son of Thomas Wayne. That he later on found out that he is adopted and abused as a child by his mom’s boyfriend. That is tough.

Arthur likes to do something that he thinks he is good, he like to make people laugh or to have a smile on their faces. He wants to be a stand up comedian but having to struggle with his condition of laughing uncontrollably when he is tensed or stressed. He ended up as a hired clown. Actually even his mom don’t find him funny. There is a scene that he told his mom that he wanted to be a comedian and his mom told him, ” that is difficult, to be a comedian, you have to be funny” ( that’s funny).

What’s my take on this? 3 things:

1.We must be respectful and kind to anyone. We don’t know what they are going through, we don’t know how they are treated in their homes at work , with their community or around old friends. There was an idea going on for some time that “Respect is earned”. That saying is good for those expecting to be respected, but for every person , we must be respectful and kind to our family young and old. to our things, to people’s time and space, to our environment by keeping clean, you know what I mean.

2. I like how he takes care of his mother, how he feeds her, bathe her, watch television with her and even dance with her.

In the Philippines, under a Senate bill, people who fail to provide the necessary support to their aging, sick and incapacitated parents face imprisonment and fines.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson has proposed the Parents Welfare bill to strengthen filial responsibility and to make neglect of parents a criminal offense.

He stressed that taking care of the elderly members of the society is a shared responsibility between the government and their families. “We, Filipinos, are well-known for our close family ties. Because of this, it is not surprising that we have the usual inclination to care for our elderly.

3. If you are passionate at something people will follow.

Good or Bad , people follow if you have a cause, if you are willing to live and die for something. Charisma is a dangerous thing if used wrongly by opportunist. Look at religion or cult, they use an ancient book and act as if it is given to them exclusively and can give their people salvation.

Well I can expound more but maybe on my next blog. keep reading and learning. I hope I did not spoil the movie. My rating overall is 7 out of 10, or maybe I should watch it again.

joker movie review

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