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“Victory Loves Preparation”

Preparation beats Anxiety

Have you ever felt jitters before a tournament the next day?  Can you still remember your first badminton tournament?   A mixture of fear and excitement.?     Imagining your new shots that you learned.   the trick shot you’ve been practicing.  The opponent that you think is too strong for you.    Some finding it difficult sleeping, broken and shallow sleep, worst, seeing the sun rise and still up lying down

We all need to prepare our mind for a battle, our body for the finals.  Tomorrow’s tournament will not be easy so better prepare for it.  It will be exciting and fun and never easy, but that game can define your character, win or lose.   We also need to eat the right food for energy that can last you and drinks or food that will prevent your body from giving out (cramps).

Here are some tips on how to prepare before a badminton game the next day.

  1. Prepare your gears and weapons of choice. Your badminton racquet, check the grip, the string and make sure it is in your bag already. You can try to feel it and making sure that you are one with it. Having a sense of holding your Excalibur but also ready a back up racquet in case something happens to your magical sword.

Ready your shoes, socks, wrist band, or headband, towel, your supports: knee support, ankle, elbow supports.  Bring extra shorts in case the weather is too hot, and you become extra sweaty worse scenario ripped shorts and lots of extra shirts so that you’ll feel renewed every game. Bring Pau liniment or Ben gay for an unwanted storm of pain.

2. Make sure you are hydrated, take a lot of electrolytes, a Gatorade is a safe choice for that, water is not that complete, but water is an essential. So, make sure you have your water ready as well.  Yes, you guess it right, eat some banana o avocado, for potassium requirement.

3. For body conditioning, do some yoga stretching before you sleep so that your body will not be hurt in case you roll the wrong way when you toss and turn.  This will mentally prepare you when you when you rise to conquer and not make excuses.

4. Now the mind setting.  

I am not a fan of think positive, the Secret crap. Instead I suggest you visualize how the game will turn out tomorrow. The power smashes your opponent will do. If your smashes directly at you what will you do.  When your opponent keeps attacking your backhand what will you do?

Are you prepared for a flick service?  Will you do a flick service?  The deceptions that he will pull through.  How will you deal with it?  What adjustment you’ll make when you are behind by a 10points. Imagine if the score is tied 20-20, match point? What if your partner service is too high in an intense crucial moment?  

Be ready for a Power Smash or Drop

5. Be your own coach and cheer leader.

Be Confident Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.  Know your strengths, your arsenal, which one to use first, your strategy, your combinations. You put your confidence on what you have, for example you have your new racquet or new shoes. You were able played with a rank 1 high school badminton varsity. Consider your past victories as well.   Your confidence is based on your preparation, past victories and in your attitude.  I recommend you have your self-talk or a chant or affirmation.   For example, “I am calm, I am cool, I am collected “or “I will win because I have faith, I have courage, I have enthusiasm.”   Or “I must relax, when I’m relax, I win”. 

Be a coach to yourself, a cheerleader to your partner.   Tell yourself that you will trust and will be encouraging to your partner and to yourself.  Don’t blame your partner even your partner blames you.  Don’t let unintentional wrong call of the umpire, wrong call of your opponent, let it go and the gods of badminton will favor you.

Try these tips based from my personal experience for more than 10 years of playing badminton.  If you have any suggestions or do not agree on. Please feel free to email me on and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you.

Good luck and Have Fun.

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