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I have a degree in  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and majored in Marketing.  I also have a Masters in Business Administration. 

 I have worked experience from various industry like:  Automotive, Life & Non-life Insurance, Real Estate , Vending Machine operations. Promotional materials, Garments, and Construction.   I worked that as an Account Manager( field sales), Sales Manager, Consultant( Sales Management) and Business owner.

I regularly play Badminton, I love Mixed martial arts (UFC fan of both fighters and management). This kind of sports is like business,  to thrive you need Mental toughness, Resilient to the blows of your highly trained opponent in business that blows can come from external & internal, Continuous  improvement on your craft , continuous updating your product or services, business process.  Daily decision to stay persistent and stay focus when faced with failures, problems and losses.  and the skill you have to regularly sharpen in order to be a Champion.   I love watching and learning from Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. immersed myself to several industry with the end of mind of teaching with hands on experience in the future, be it in classroom in colleges (which i did ) or as a Consultant for SMEs( Small-Medium Entrepreneurs).30%in Sales, 30% in Marketing and 40% in Writing.  I write proposal letters, business plan, power point presentations, non digital blog, research, contract, correspondence, memo, collateral. 

I believe that we have to accept, adapt and evolve in the ever changing world of business and in life..  if you don’t evolve you go extinct. In this time and age, if you don’t do what you love you go downhill.    I chose this path aside from doing what i love, I believe I can help more entrepreneurs all around the world.in organizing their marketing campaigns, in building their position as experts in their field and getting the attention of their target audience, converting leads to a sale. ka-ching! ka-ching!   the bottom line.








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