Running a business is not a walk in the park. Gurus preached about independence, be your own boss, business is the only way to financial freedom.  The gain part of the story, but the pain part of the story is uniquely  challenging.   

We live in a very competitive environment and sometimes an extra help won’t hurt.

Almakeit help solopreneurs, sales professionals,   small and medium scale enterprises to get clients. 

  We may be new in the scene but we have a 20 year hands on experience from various industries.  Experience is overrated,  what we have is the current knowledge on how to market your business. 

We use both digital approach as well as warm face to face hand shakes.  We can represent our clients’ values, ideas and concept aside from the obvious products and services they offer.   

 Our mission is to communicate, relay and  persuade prospects, audience and loyal customers on what they have to offer.



Throw me a message for your feedback, comments and suggestions and definitely not violent reactions.