Helping businesses sell their concepts

           I am in the copy writing  and slide design business, I want to help entrepreneurs, bloggers and company who need to communicate, relay and perhaps persuade their clients, audience and loyal customers on what they have to offer.
In my previous work and business, I use to write customized business proposals,  business letters  to my clients and internal memos. I did a lot of Power Point  slides in my sales presentations, operations  work flow.    I use to blog the old fashion way (not digital, notebook and pen and  for my eyes only).    I even write  church messages or sermons almost every week for 5 years when I was in college.
Having a  continuous learning & training in copy writing ,  equipped with researching skills and  an up-to-date message delivery method ,  I believe I can help you my dear clients better.     I want to be a part  of  your vision and instrument in your mission.   I want to be your secret weapon, your Merlin, your springboard to a successful business. I want to be your TOTGA, The One That Guaranteed Awesomeness.   
Throw me a message for your feedback, comments and suggestions and definitely not violent reactions.