Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses communicate their idea, their concept to their target audience effectively.

Helping business gather leads and inquiries that they can work with the confidence built through their online presence, a new business is inevitable.

Your online presence is a way to convey your business’ credibility thru your portfolio. your process and how you manage the project.

We can help you with that, no hype, no false promises but simply helping your client see how you can solve their problems, their cravings, their needs.

Principles in getting things done

“Know thy enemy, know thyself, a hundred battles, a hundred victories,” Sun Tzu.

We live in an information era on where information are right at your finger tip. Most of us ignore it, but not us, Almakeit can help you gather information so that your decision will not be based on hearsay or your friend say (friend who has no clue in running their own business).

Your target audience need to know who you are, your values, your methods etc. that is the know thyself .

Next is you need to see why you are better than your competitors. Why they you hire you and why now? A Business Plan can help your business positioning in the minds of your market and that is putting your one foot in. An opportunity to shine.

 We can help you equipped with an attractive presentation tools like slides and videos to aid your compelling demonstration of how you can help your client.

Of course you can do that, if you have the time, the experience and the technical know-how of this digital marketing.  Of course you can have your relative who doesn’t understand what you do,  can do it for you.  Let the professionals handle it and focus on your Special Skills, your Super Power.   Your business need your attention, your people needs you, your current projects needs you.  Let us do that for you.  Almakeit for you.

It is great to have someone to cover your back. Someone who has  your best interest. Almakeit also offers consultancy service. We are here to listen and figure out how to deal with your challenges. We are your ally in making your business great and helping you in your decision making.

Services We Offer

 My job is to help you transfer information to your customer’s brain in the most effective way.

  1. Copywriting
  2. Content writing
  3. Blog
  4. Website content
  5. Business Plan
  6. Online Research
  7. Sales Letters
  8. Product Description/ Review
  9. Power Point Presentation
  10. Consulting

Our easy process

Tell us what you need. We can return your message or call you to discuss further, we write a proposal and if we agree we can proceed to creation stage.

Next Steps…

Please  e-mail us at almakeit1@gmail.com. and perhaps we can have a skype or messenger and discuss your requirement and how we can help you.